Great Food





* Homemade Soup  Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato or Mushroom & Bacon £5.50

* Coronation Chicken Pieces of Chicken mixed with a homemade Coronation Sauce of Apricots, Curry Powder and Almonds.                  Served with Salad Garnish & Brown Bread & Butter. £7.50

   Ardennes Pate Served with Granary and White rounds of Toast. £7.00

* Prawn Cocktail Popular favourite. Say no more. £8.00

*Deep Fried ‘Nude’ Whitebait Served with a Salad Garnish £6.50

Smoked Salmon Platter £8

*Loaded Potato Skins with Cheese & Mushrooms £7



   Steak, Ale  Pie  A portion of Pie any mother would be proud of! £12

Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie £12

 Beef Lasagne  Served with a Fresh Salad. £12

 Breast of Chicken Served with Red Wine And Mushroom Sauce   £14

* Kaighin’s of Grayshott Sausages & Onion Gravy Four Sausages,Best served with a large portion of Mash Potato and selection of Fresh Vegetables. £12

   Liver, Bacon and Onions  Lambs Liver and Back Bacon, covered with Onion Gravy. £13

   Chicken Curry & Rice As hot as Madras, served with a Poppadom.(Sour cream available, if needed!) £12

   Home Cooked Gammon Ham, 2Fried Free Range Eggs & Chips Very popular amongst our regulars, probably our best seller,    worth the journey.  £12

   House Mixed Grill For the hungry diner! Gammon Steak, Rump Steak, Sausage,Lamb Cutlet, Kidney and Liver. Served with Chips,      Peas, Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato and Onions. £20

* Morgan Rump Steak Supplied by Colin Morgan our local butcher. You won’t need a steak knife with this little beauty. £17

* Morgan Sirloin Steak. Served with Chips,Grilled Tomato, Onions, Peas and a Mushroom £19

   Gammon Steak  Served with a Fried Egg or Grilled Pineapple Ring or Both! £12

* Grilled Salmon Fillet Caught from The River Avon. Grilled in Seasoned Butter, served with a Lemon Wedge. £13

   Whole Rainbow Trout Grilled in butter served with the head on or off. £14

   Breaded Plaice Good sized plaice with Crunchy Breadcrumbs. Plenty of Tartare Sauce available. £12

  Grilled Haddock with a Cheese & Tomatoe topping £13

*Whole Tail Scampi Not reformed but the real thing!!! £12

   7oz Cod Fillet  cooked in batter £10

*Various Flans Check the printed menu for your options. £11

NutRoast with Cranberry & Red Wine Sauce A festive meal suitable for vegetarians.£14

* Mild Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry £11

   Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne £11

 Jacket Potatoes with a choice of varrious fillings £8.50




Baps and Sandwiches

White or Granary
Ham, Coronation Chicken, Sausage & Onion, Beef, Chicken and Mayonnaise, Prawn,  Tuna & Mayo, Homemade Fish Fingers, Cheddar or your request, we might just have it. £5.75

Add a Side Salad £9

Or Served with Chips £7.50

Or Accompanied with a Bowl of Soup £9.50


Sweets & Puddings

The selection of Sweets & Puds can be found on our blackboards. All the usual favorites, Bread & Butter, Treacle Tart, Crumbles, Banoffee Pie to name just a few, make appearances. Locally made Ice creams and Sorbets have their own blackboard, so many choices! Homemade Gluten Free Chocolate and Orange Cake  or Lime and Aricot Tart with the choice of Custard, Cream or Icecream. £5.75

Mini Pudding & Pot of Coffee
A choice of any homemade pudding served in a ramekin dish. Pot of coffee, two cups per person. £4.70