The surrounding area of the pub is made up of lovely foliage, clematis, climbing roses, hydrangea, holly, bluebells, japonica, laurel and daffodils. With pine, fir and oak trees providing the back drop. There is a huge tree in our car park that has been recognised by a guest as a very rare type of conifer. She wasn’t sure exactly the species but she knew that it was a rare treasure. I love to go walking in the woods, as do many of the people that come to visit. There are lots of public footpaths in the woods; I particularly like to walk on one in the woods behind us, it’s about a 30 minute loop and a nice breath of fresh air.

The History of the pub is really interesting and a great story to tell. The pub was built by a drover called Knowles in the 1820’s or 30’s. He was very good at his job and the cattle he drove would arrive at market in a good condition he knew the places where good watering holes could be found. This ensured the farmer gained a good price and Mr. Knowles earned good commission. Knowles used his money to buy some land on the way. He built this pub which was also a brewery and a couple of other buildings including a barn. The pub was built as a stop off point for people like himself to have a drink on their travels. The wood just down the road that is named after him; Knowles Meadow. He lived in the pub with his daughters; one of which died inside. We’ve always felt there might be a ghost in the pub and we named it George. Recently we found out that Knowles’ daughter who dies was called Georgie. Spooky!

There was also a drive through barn used for horse rustling. The barn now makes up the rooms for guests to stay in. It is made of stone and has smaller black darts of flint between the larger stones. These are known as witch stones; a witch had to count all the stones on a building before she could enter and by including these witch stones she’d be stuck outside all night until the sun came up.